How Sierra Resins works

Sierra Resins has a fairly descriptive snippet of how bioplastic works. Normally Plastic is virtually indestructible. It sits in nature for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Bacteria has a difficult time under normal conditions ‘eating’ such material. Photos like the one below should literally not exist, however they do and they do in very large scales.


Bacteria behave differently in a broth than when attached on a host. To penetrate different polymers and to survive bacteria become skilled subversives, hijacking cells and cellular communication systems. Microbes inject proteins that reprogram the cellular machinery to do the bugs bidding. A key cytoskeleton building block, actin, interacts with the bacterial protein and begin forming polymers that push on the cell membrane until it forms a pedestal. Bacteria customizes its environment to promote its own survival. Ruffle structures reach up and around a bacteria attached to a polymer molecule [carbon] literally dragging the microbe inside. Phagocytes engulf the bacteria, destroying and converting the host to carbon. Once inside, the bacteria deploy a second release of effectors protein SPI-2. The trait of the bacteria to live long term within a host cell is common to many types of bacteria. Sierra Resins SR Series bioplastics were formulated with this biological activity in mind.

The end goal of this is to avoid this result. The below image was from the cartoon ‘happy feet’ notice how the poor penguin has an unwanted necklace. This was because the plastic never degraded, and floated from some populated area all the way to Antarctica. We know it’s just a fictional cartoon, but it’s not far from the truth.


Sierra Resins has a solution that firms should start paying attention to. It’s an environmental win, a marketing win, and overall it’s the right thing to do. Contact them today to include their bioplastic in your packaging. It will save generations of wildlife, and humans in the future.

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Sierra Resins – Why the company was formed

Over 500 billion pounds of plastics are consumed each year – plastic bottles, shopping
bags, packaging materials and the like. Some plastics can last thousands of years in the
environment. This is what spurred the creation of the Sierra Resins SR Series polymer


Sierra Resins is focused on helping to clean up the environment. These largely toxic plastic filled waste ‘dumps’ floating in the ocean wreck havoc on fish and wildlife in the area. They enter into their food supply, which in turns enters into ours. Companies then put that contaminated food into new plastic containers which eventually ends up back into the ocean.

This is a tragic loop that Sierra Resins (official site) is working to address. Using their technology, plastic tends to degrade and not destroy the environment. Their technology is a valid way of assisting to help the environment. Common sense such as don’t discard waste into the oceans of course is another.

We applaud their approach, technological research and efforts in fixing the problem.

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